Custom Guitar FX Patch Design

If you can’t find the tone you’re looking for in the Patches Store there’s a possibility of having it programmed.

This can be a time consuming process, but really depends on the tone. Sometimes, with the device you have, it might not be possible (it does happen from time to time) and if this is the case I would let you know and refund your money.

To be fair, I’m slowly going through the TOP 100 Solos/Guitarist of all time (as reported by lots of internet polls) programming each one so if it’s a popular tone chances are I’m already going to do it. I’ll find a way to publish my “Upcoming Patches” list somewhere on the Home Page of this website so you can check that first.

The other condition is that I reserve the right to sell these patches on this website after 1 month of you purchasing them. The other thing is, if I’m already planning on programming a patch you’ve requested, I’ll tell you to wait and get it for the price in the store.

I’m not looking to rip anyone off! But if it’s a tone that I wouldn’t be programming and/or you need it within a certain time frame please see the prices below.

1 – 5 Custom Patches = $99 per patch (includes 1 review of each)

10 +  Custom Patches = $89 per patch (includes 1 review of each)

Whole Album =  POA  (Of course it depends on the album)

Please us this Contact Link if you are interest and to enquire about time frame.